How to get Deep Brine in Slime Rancher 2

You don't have to dig deep to find your brine.

Image via Monomi Park

Taking care of your slimes should be a top priority for Slime Rancher 2 players, and collecting each material can go a long way in upgrading your equipment and your farm.

Rainbow Island is filled to the brim with different materials for users to gather, with Deep Brine being an important find. Slime Rancher 2 lets players traverse the vast animal and mineral-filled Rainbow Island, where slimes bounce across the plains and ores can be mined to develop your farms. 

Players will have to earn newbucks from slime plorts in order to upgrade certain functions on their equipment. Newbucks will also help expand your land, and improve your gadgets. 

The newest installment in the Slime Rancher franchise brings new jiggly slimes to discover, new technology, and new resources to get your hands on—including Deep Brine.

How do I get Deep Brine in Slime Rancher 2?

Image via Monomi Park

Found shooting out of the ground, Deep Brine can be discovered at the start of the game, purely by exploring the area around them. You’ll most likely spot this geyser-like formation around cliff-sides, west of The Conservatory.

Slime Rancher 2 players will have to upgrade their VacPack in order to gather this resource. You can upgrade the VacPack at Fabricator in the basement of The Conservatory. Once you’ve upgraded your VacPack, find some Deep Brine along the coastline or cliffs-edge and use your VacPack on the sprouts, which will suck up the water. 

There you have it; gather all the Deep Brine you can, and make sure you don’t lose any.