How to get and equip the Black Belt S in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Don't forget your new gear before you go out hunting for more monsters.

Screengrab via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak just launched and the developers are giving players a head start with some high-rank gear that they can use to hunt new monsters. The new armor is automatically awarded, but it might be tricky to find if you’re not used to the game.

For those looking for the new set, head over to the Courier. It can be found in both the base game’s village and Sunbreak’s new village. Head over to the Palico standing on top of an item box and he’ll tell you that he’s got some new stuff for you. Scroll down where it says “Add-on Content” and it will bring up a huge list of things. Anything listed in white hasn’t been picked up yet. One of those things is the new armor.

The armor is called “Black Belt S.” In the list, it’ll be listed as the “Sunbreak Launch Celebration: “Black Belt S” Hunter armor set. It includes all of the armor pieces you’ll need to get started. There are also a few more things in there to pick up, so make sure you gather them all while you’re there.

Screengrab via Capcom

How to equip the Black Belt S armor set in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

To equip the armor, head over to the Smithy. Select “Manage Equipment,” then “Change Gear.” When you first get into the menu, it will show you low-rank gear. Hit RB on your controller and it will put you into the high-rank gear menu. There, you will see the Black Belt S set. Equip each piece and then you’ll be good to go.

Don’t forget to upgrade your gear at the Smithy before you leave since it’s likely that you’ll already have the materials you need to upgrade it. To do that, head to the Forge/Upgrade Armor menu and then select “Upgrade Armor.” Make sure you upgrade all of your pieces and then you’ll be ready to head off into the Jungle and fight more monsters.