How to get a Twilight Snapper in V Rising

You'll need a fishing pole and a bit of luck.

Image via Stunlock Studios

V Rising is full of deadly enemies and bosses, but there are relaxing ways to pass the time when you’re not fighting to survive. Fishing is an excellent way to take a break from fighting and you’ll need a few fish to progress. One of these fish is the Twilight Snapper, which requires a few steps before you can catch it. 

Players can catch a Twilight Snapper from a fishing spot, although you’ll need a Fishing Pole before you can cast your line. To get a Fishing Pole, you must defeat Rufus the Foreman at the Bandit Logging Camp. This is a level 20 character that most players can take on after a couple of hours. 

Screengrab via Stunlock Studios | Remix by Dot Esports

Rufus the Foreman drops the Fishing Pole and Woodworking Bench recipe. The Woodworking Bench can be crafted with 12 Planks and 60 Animal Hide, so make sure you have these items available. Once the Woodworking Bench is crafted, use it to craft a Fishing Pole out of six Planks, three Copper Ingots, and Three Coarse Thread. 

Once you have a Fishing Pole, find a white spot in a body of water and click on it with the Fishing Pole equipped. You’ll eventually hear a splash audio queue, which is when you need to click again. Successfully clicking at the right time will catch a fish, and the fishing spot will disappear for a few hours. 

The Twilight Snapper is a random catch, so keep trying at different fishing spots until you find one. You’ll need the Twilight Snapper to summon a Putrid Rat with a Vermin Nest, so try your luck at fishing any chance you get to avoid grinding later.