How to fix the unable to type error in Among Us

Age is just a number, right?

Image via Innersloth

If you’re looking to do your best in all the Among Us lobbies you join, your personal skill will only get you so far. Even if you’re the best imposter or the crewmate in the world, you’ll need to communicate with your teammates. Only strength can arise from the numbers.

As a crewmate, you’ll need to have an air of confidence to eliminate imposters you suspect successfully. Users who run into the unable to type error may find themselves one step behind, since they won’t be able to join the conversation and their impact on a match will also decrease.

Considering most errors in Among Us appear due to server-related problems, this one may also make players think they may be unable to type due to a server-side bug or outage. This isn’t the case, however, since the unable to type error in Among Us is related to a player’s age.

When you launch Among Us for the first time, the game will ask your age and if you’re under 13, you’ll receive the “unable to type” error every time you try to use the game’s chat function.

While this error should stop appearing on your 14th birthday, there are other fixes that you can try if that day seems like it’s an eternity away.

How to fix the unable to type error in Among Us for PC players?

If you’re playing Among Us on PC, you’ll need to do some digging into the game’s files. 

  • Open up the AppData folder located in C:\Users\YourUsername directory
  • Find the LocalLow folder and double click on the Innersloth file inside
  • Open the Among Us folder there and right-click on the playerPrefs file
  • Open the playerPrefs file with Notepad and look for your birthday inside
    • If you had entered your birthday as December 1, 2009, your birthday would appear as 12, 1, 2009.
  • Change the year in your birthday to anything above 18. Any year earlier than 2003 will be enough.
  • Save the file after changing your birthday, and you should be able to type in the chat the next time you launch Among Us.

How to fix the unable to type error in Among Us for Android players?

Fixing the error on Android devices is slightly easier compared to PC since you’ll only need to clear the data of Among Us.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu, tap on Apps and Notifications (or Apps depending on your Android version)
  • Find Among Us and click on it
  • Choose Storage and select Clear Data
  • The next time you launch Among Us, the game will ask you your age again
  • Enter your new birthday and make sure this one’s at least 18 years or older
  • You should now be able to type in the chat while playing Among Us

How to fix the unable to type error in Among Us for iOS/iPhone/iPad users?

Considering resetting app data isn’t an option on iPhone and iPad, you’ll need to delete the app instead, which will also delete its data off your device.

  • Tap and hold on the Among Us app
  • Choose Remove App to delete the app
  • After deleting the app from your phone, navigate to the App Store and download Among Us once again
  • When you launch the game again, you’ll also need to enable the free chat option through the in-game settings
    • Open up the game Settings, head over to Data, and you should find the free chat option under the Chat type section

How can you fix the unable to type error in Among Us for emulator users?

Most Mac players use emulators to play Among Us, and if they’re running into the unable to type error in Among Us, they’ll need to use the same methods as the Android users.

Following the steps above for Android users, you should be able to fix the unable to type error in Among Us for any emulator out there. Emulators basically replicate an Android device on your Mac since so you’ll need to apply the same fixes that work for Android users.