How to fix ‘The profile service is in maintenance mode’ error in Back 4 Blood

I was Back 4 some Blood, but I guess I'll need to try again later.

Screengrab via Turtle Rock Studios

There’s still time before Back 4 Blood’s full release in October, but fans will be able to try out the co-op zombie shooter in its open beta stage prior to its release. Going live on Aug. 12, players will have four days to see what they’ll be walking into when October arrives.

Considering developers will still have to implement changes and fixes, you will likely see a different game when it fully releases. The beta period will be crucial to detect bugs or other shortcomings of the game so it can be ready for a full-scale release later on.

During open beta tests, developers can often miscalculate the number of players that could be interested in their game. If the turnout is higher than expected, it can cause server problems. This can prevent players from logging into the game.

If you’re receiving an error that states “the profile service is in maintenance mode” in Back 4 Blood before the open beta starts, it’s because the servers aren’t online yet. You’ll need to wait for the servers to go online, which will happen when the open beta kicks off on Aug. 12.

Players who are receiving the “profile service is in maintenance mode” error in Back 4 Blood during the open beta stage will have more options to explore, though.

Make sure the servers are up

If the error is appearing during the open beta, the chances are it’ll be due to the servers. Servers can go down due to heavy demand. 

The best way to ensure that there isn’t a widespread issue will be to check Back 4 Blood’s Twitter page. When an error is affecting a decent chunk of the player base, developers will usually let the fans know through official channels. When the servers are down, nothing you’ll do will be able to fix this error and you’ll need to wait for developers to roll out a fix. 

These fixes don’t usually take much time and developers try their best to push them within a few hours.

In some cases, community hubs like Reddit can respond faster to an error since many other players will be eager to see whether there are others experiencing the same error. 

Reset your router and gaming device

If there isn’t any news from the official channels and the community hubs aren’t reporting any errors, there are only a few ways you can try to fix this “the profile service is in maintenance mode” error.

Since it’s a server-related error, you’ll need to troubleshoot your home connection if other players aren’t reporting any errors. The best way to do that will be through resetting your router and gaming device.

Resetting your router will allow you to establish a newer route to the game’s servers while potentially fixing any glitches that may be caused by your internet service provider (ISP).

Doing the same for your gaming device alongside your router is generally helpful since there can also be software bugs that cause similar errors.

Wait a few moments before turning on your router and gaming device and try logging back in to Back 4 Blood after restarting both.

Submit a support ticket

Back 4 Blood is a relatively new game and there will be many bugs that developers will find out about as they release the game. If the servers are up and you’re still receiving this error after resetting your router, it may be a decent idea to report it to the official sources so they can take a detailed look.

Submit a support ticket to the devs and include screenshots of the error. It can help to go through the troubleshooting methods you’ve tried so far. The support staff should get back to you within a few days.