How to fix the invisible enemies bug in Elden Ring

Show yourself, monster.

Image via FromSoftware

No matter how fast you were to pick up the ropes in Elden Ring, it’ll simply be impossible to beat an invisible enemy.

While some could wonder whether invisible enemies can be a part of the game to increase the level of difficulty, they’re caused by a bug that should get patched out in the upcoming days.

The error is technically a rendering bug that occurs as Elden Ring tries to render all the surrounding objects and monsters. The enemies will be there, but players may not be able to see them since they’ll be pending for rendering.

Here’s how you can fix the invisible enemies bug in Elden Ring.

Save and restart the game

If an enemy can’t seem to render, the best fix will be to force render them. When you restart the game, you’ll render the Elden Ring’s open-world once again, and the second time can be the charm.

Don’t forget to save your process before restarting the game so you can continue your adventure exactly where you left it.

Load a previous save

Players who don’t have an SSD may think twice before restarting the game since harddrive wait times may feel like years at times. Before restarting the game, you can also try loading a previous save which will also cause you to re-render most of the assets.

This method will cause you to lose your most recent progress, however.

Optimize your graphics settings

High graphics settings can give your GPU a hard time while rendering all the objects in Elden Ring’s open world. Decreasing your graphical settings may cause Elden Ring to look noticeably worse, but the smoother gameplay experience can make it well worth it.

Lower graphics will be easier to render which can help fix the invisible enemy bug in Elden Ring.

Run to another area

If an invisible enemy is bothering you too much, you can always run to a new area. The invisible enemy bug only affects a handful of world elements in most cases, so you can simply try outrunning your problems.