How to fix NBA 2K22 crashing issue on Xbox Series X|S

But all my friends from other platforms are in there.

Image via NBA/2K Games

Developers spend countless hours finding bugs and errors before a game’s release. But despite their best efforts, launch periods can still lead to some unforeseeable errors.

NBA 2K22 was released today and players on Xbox Series X and S have found themselves experiencing a rather odd glitch that’s been preventing them from enjoying the new title. Whenever Xbox Series X|S players start up NBA 2K22, the game freezes as they try to load into the main menu. This causes the game to eventually crash. Considering there are no error messages or prompts, it’s been difficult to understand why the game might be crashing.

While the reason behind the crash is still unknown, YouTuber Nvad found a simple fix that quickly allows players to bypass the error. All you’ll need to do, according to Nvad, is keep pressing the upward button on the D-Pad as you launch the game until you find yourself at the main menu. Spamming the upward button will allow you to skip the menu screen that’s been freezing NBA 2K22.

As of now, this looks to be a widespread error that’s affecting a majority of Xbox users, meaning a fix should also be on the horizon. If you see a small patch waiting to be downloaded in the upcoming days, it may include a hotfix that gets rid of this problem for good.

If you can’t seem to bypass the menu that freezes the game by spamming the upward button, you can try restarting or power cycling your Xbox. If those methods don’t work either, you’ll have no choice but to wait for a fix to arrive.

Players who continue to experience such crashes after a hotfix should submit a support ticket since they may require further technical assistance. Make sure to explain the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried so far and a support associate should take a look at your case shortly.