How to fix freezing and crashing issues in Back 4 Blood

Can't be freezing during the apocalypse.

Screengrab via Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead created by members of the original development team now under the Turtle Rock Studios banner, released on Oct. 12 on Steam and consoles.

But there have been reports from many players that they are being plagued by more than just zombies. Some players have reported issues of crashing or freezing during startup and gameplay, causing players to be killed during a campaign or forcing them to restart.

How to fix Back 4 Blood freezes and crashes on PC

There’s a plethora of general fixes you can try to improve the Back 4 Blood processes on your computer. Through Steam, you can navigate to Back 4 Blood and verify the integrity of your game files through the library. If problems persist, you can re-install the game.

Outside of Steam, make sure your video card drivers are updated. You can uninstall the driver and re-install too to ensure it’s installed properly. Check to see if other programs are running or installing another program, and disable them to put less stress on your processor or memory.

If freezing is still a problem in-game after all this, your system might not have the components to run at high or ultra quality. Turning down the graphics quality and capping the FPS at either 30 or 60 should make the game run smoother and reduce the chance of crashing or freezing.

How to fix Back 4 Blood freezes and crashes on consoles

If you’re a console player and you’re having crashing/freezing troubles, there aren’t quite the same number of options. But here’s some things you can do.

Check for updates, and if there are none, delete and re-install the game, since the files might have been corrupted during the installation process.