How to fix error code Terracotta in Minecraft

It's nothing to be afraid of.

Image via Mojang

Error codes are a part of any online game’s life cycle. Minecraft isn’t an exception to this. Even if the devs try their best, unexpected error codes can show up, especially when there’s a new patch that draws more players to the game.

Considering these errors keep players from enjoying Minecraft by kicking them out or preventing them from logging in, most players will want to get rid of them as fast as possible to jump back into the action.

While it’ll mostly be up to Mojang to roll out a permanent fix to an error code like Terracotta since it usually appears after major patches or when the servers are struggling to keep up with the demand, there are still a couple of troubleshooting methods players can try out. You may just be able to bypass the Terracotta error code in Minecraft by applying one of the methods below.

How can you fix the Terracotta error in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Players on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft can try logging into the Xbox app before signing in to the game. After you log into the Xbox app, launch Minecraft Pocket Edition and try signing in.

If you receive the Terracotta error again, try signing in multiple times for about a minute or two. Repeatedly trying to log into the game can allow players to potentially squeeze into crowded servers.

How can you fix the Terracotta error in Minecraft Bedrock or Java Editions?

Fixing the Terracotta error in the Bedrock and Java versions can take a little longer since there are multiple troubleshooting methods.

  • Log out of Minecraft completely.
    • If you’re also logged in with your Microsoft account, sign out of that as well.
  • Close the Minecraft app and check out your Task Manager to see whether there are any leftover processes.
  • After making sure that there are no Minecraft processes running in the background, launch the game and try logging in from scratch.
    • If you still receive the Terracotta error, try resetting your password before attempting to log in again.
  • Update your Minecraft app and try downloading the Xbox app instead of using a browser to log in.

If none of the methods above fix the Terracotta error, you can also try reinstalling the game since that’s one of the best ways to ensure there aren’t any corrupted files in your installation folder.

Restarting your gaming device alongside your router is also a standard troubleshooting method that players try to fix the Terracotta problem. Doing so will allow you to troubleshoot your home network and your gaming device for software bugs.