How to fix error code 727e66ac in NBA 2K22

It's likely the servers, but there are some steps to try.

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Most players should be able to enjoy the NBA 2K series day to day without running into any hiccups. Once in a while, however, players may start to run into errors like the 727e66ac while trying to play the latest NBA 2K title, which can prevent them from going online.

The 727e66ac error has existed through multiple titles now. It’s a network connection error that usually appears when servers are too crowded or down for maintenance. Most players receive the error when trying try to get into the MyCareer mode, and they won’t be able to use NBA 2K22‘s online features until the error gets fixed.

Considering the error is usually caused by server-related outages, players will need to wait for 2K Games to roll out a permanent fix. If waiting doesn’t sound that appealing, there are a few troubleshooting methods that players can try out to bypass the 727e66ac error.

Check the NBA 2K22‘s server status

When the servers are completely down, no troubleshooting method will allow you to get back into the game. You’ll need to wait for the servers to come back online so you can use the online features of NBA 2K22 again.

Checking the game’s server status can save you time since you won’t need to apply any of the troubleshooting methods when servers are down for maintenance. Your only option will be to wait for a fix, but luckily that doesn’t take that long. When servers go down, it affects the whole player base, and developers tend to be quick with fixes for errors that affect so many people.

Check in with community hubs

With servers going down, some players will continue playing NBA 2K22 offline, while others may decide to check in with other players to make sure everyone is experiencing the same error.

Players often create threads on community hubs, like Reddit, to ensure that the error they’re experiencing isn’t only affecting them. Keeping up with the community can also allow players to become one of the first people to jump back into the game when the servers are online since they will be notified by other players’ messages. On rare occasions, it’ll also be possible to run into temporary fixes that might be able to fix the 727e66ac error in NBA 2K22 on these platforms.

Restart your router

If you’re receiving the 727e66ac error in NBA 2K22 and the servers are doing just fine, then it may be time to troubleshoot your home network.

Restarting your router is one of the easiest and fastest ways to troubleshoot your home network, re-establishing the connection route between you and your internet service provider (ISP.) This’ll also do the same for your connection route to NBA 2K22’s servers, and might fix the 727e66ac error if it was caused due to connectivity-related inconsistencies.

Try out a different connection type

While restarting your router is a quick and easy method, it may not always be that effective. If there’s a more complex reason behind your connectivity problems, you may need to try an alternative connection method to see if that’s the case. 

The fastest way to do this will be through using your cellular data plan by enabling the hotspot feature on your phone. If you can log into NBA 2K22 without any problems with your cellular data, then you might want to call your ISP to see if they can detect anything off.

Your ISP will be able to run a diagnostic on your home connection and may even be able to roll out a fix on their end to solve the problem.

Change your DNS addresses

DNS servers can also go down at times, causing connectivity problems like sluggish connection speeds and an unstable network.

Most players generally use the default DNS addresses that get assigned by their ISPs, and they can also go down, even though it rarely happens.

One of the best ways to troubleshoot your DNS addresses will be by changing them to commercially available ones. Using Google or OpenDNS should suffice, and if you can connect to NBA 2K without any problems with your DNS servers, then you should stick with the new ones for a while.

You can revert back to your old DNS address in a day or two when it’s likely to work fine again.

Create a new MyPlayer in MyCareer

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If the error only shows up when you select your player in MyCareer, then you should try creating a new one. This fix has a history of working in the previous versions of the game, and you don’t have to continue playing with the new player you create.

After completing your new player, quit to the main menu when you make it in. Select your original character and see if the error persists.

Check if there are any available updates

More often than not, players will automatically install updates. This won’t be the case when you’re already in the game, however, and the update will either wait for you to exit or you’ll get kicked out of NBA 2K22 to install the update. When it’s the former, you might receive an error code like 727e66ac.

After exiting the game, check to see if any updates are waiting to be installed and try jumping back into the game after downloading them.