How to fish in V Rising

Need some fish in V Rising? Here's how to catch 'em!

Image via Stunlock Studios

There are so many things to do in the new survival-crafter, V Rising. In order for players to survive and progress, they’ll have to use materials and craft many different things including weapons, armors, and even upgrades to one’s castle. The crafting system is fairly complex and some items even require materials obtained from various plants and animals.

However, it’s somewhat unclear as to how players are meant to go about harvesting these materials. One method in particular that is confusing the player base is how to fish. Fishing in V Rising is valuable as any caught fish can be broken down into various components. Some of these include Scales, Fish Bones, and Fish Oil. Each of these ingredients have various uses.

Here, we’ll go over what players need to do to start fishing as well as cover some of the important things related to it.

How to fish in V Rising

Some may have come to the conclusion a rod or pole is required to start fishing. Unfortunately, Fishing Poles are not a basic item players can create on their own.

Crafting a Fishing Pole in V Rising

To unlock Fishing Poles within the crafting system, players must kill and drink Rufus the Foreman. Rufus is a boss located in the Bandit Logging Camp in Farban Woods. Once players defeat and drink him, they will have the ability to craft Fishing Poles. However, a Woodworking Bench is also required to make a pole.

Players should return to their castles to create the fishing pole. The recipe is:

  • Coarse Threads (4)
  • Copper Ingots (4)
  • Planks (8)

Once players have all required materials, they can craft a Fishing Pole.

Using a Fishing Pole in V Rising

Players who have made their Fishing Poles will find it in their inventory. From here, players must find fishing spots. These spots tend to be on the rarer side, but players can recognize these by the clear and prevalent bubbles rising from the water. This indicates a fishing spot.

After equipping the Fishing Pole, players can right-click on the bubbles and left-click when the water begins glowing. Once water glows and players left-click this should catch and pull a fish out of the water – which will go in the player’s inventory.

Where to find Fish in V Rising

Players looking for a lot of fishing spots would do well to search in Farbane Woods. This area has the most fishing spots and compared to other areas isn’t even close. Those far from the Farbane Woods can also find spots in Silverlight Hills.

Fish Oil in V Rising

Once players have fish, they can obtain some valuable materials from them. One of these, in particular, is Fish Oil. Fish Oil is used to convert leather into the highest quality possible. Those looking for Fish Oil can catch fish with a Fishing Pole or find Fish Oil in various crates when looting villages.

Either way, Fish Oil is a fairly valuable resource for players to get their hands on.