How to find your EA ID in Battlefield 2042

There are a ton of options.

Image via Xbox

Battlefield 2042 runs like other entries in the franchise in that you’re going to need an EA ID to play the game.

This ID is the alias other players will see you as in Battlefield 2042 or other EA games you may play on the same account. You are prompted to select this when setting up your EA account.

You’ll want to know your EA ID since it’s your only method of logging into your EA account on different devices or platforms. Fortunately, there are a ton of places where you can find this information.

How to find your EA ID in Battlefield 2042

Image via EA

Your EA ID is simply your player name that is used in all EA titles such as Battlefield 2042. Finding this is simple since it appears almost everywhere in-game as well as in the Origin launcher.

If you’re looking at your profile in the Origin launcher, you’ll see your EA ID right in the center of the screen below your profile image. You’ll also find the name in the bottom left of the screen beside a smaller version of your profile picture.

Even easier, you can see your EA ID in-game in Battlefield 2042. With the game booted up simply look in one of the following places.

  • Playercard menu
  • Party Creation screen
  • Squad lineup
  • Chat logs (when you type)
  • On the banner of All-Out Warfare of Battlefield Hard Zone

There are plenty of places to see your EA ID in-game since it’s the name you go by when playing Battlefield 2042 online.