How to find Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This throwback from a line in the film will send you on a weird mission.

Image via Gameloft

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players are tasked with a lot of different things while they work to rebuild the once flourishing land. One of those tasks involves some creepy crawlies.

Once players have brought Maui to their island, he’ll talk about coconuts, and he’ll also brag about how he used to grow coconuts from eels. Sounds questionable, but players will need to help Maui find some Worms as bait before they can catch an Eel to bury in order to spawn Coconut Trees.

How to find Worms for Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players will only find Worms when they have the quest with Maui active. If you speak to him, he’ll tell you that Worms usually gather near lakes. An area with a ton of lakes is the Peaceful Meadow, so head there and start digging at the glowing spots in the ground around lakes. Some of them will unearth the Worms you are looking for.

The process is fairly quick if you go to a couple of the lakes in the Peaceful Meadow, but a good way to double your luck is to bring a character with you that will help you find things when digging. That way there is a chance to double your yield when looking for the Worms. It’s not guaranteed, but it could help speed up the process.

Once the player finds enough Eels, they’ll be tasked with a few additional steps in order to grow Coconut Trees, but after that, players will be able to harvest Coconuts without putting much effort into it.