How to find paper in V Rising

Paper is easy to get if you know where to look.

Image via Stunlock Studios

V Rising is full of crafting materials you’ll need to unlock recipes, gear, and other helpful items that will keep you alive. Some are plentiful and easy to find, while others require a bit of time and effort to accumulate.

Paper is an essential crafting material you’ll encounter early in V Rising. Paper is needed to unlock new technologies and in some crafting materials, so knowing where to find Paper in V Rising is important. 

The easiest way to find Paper in V Rising is by raiding Bandit Camps. The in-game map will tell you what items are available to find in each raidable area, and Paper is almost always included in these early-game locations. Take out all of the bandits and raid their chests to find the helpful item, and feel free to leave the area and wait for the enemies to respond to do it again. 

Screenshot via Stunlock Studios

Eventually, players can craft a Paper Press, but this is a mid-game item that takes a bit of work to unlock. You need to defeat the level 37 boss Nicholaus the Fallen to unlock the recipe for a Study Research Desk, which includes the technology for the Paper Press.

Unlocking new technologies takes 75 scrolls and is random, so you might not unlock the Paper Press recipe for a while. Once you unlock the Paper Press, you can use four Plant Fibre and 12 Saw Dust to craft one piece of paper. 

Make sure to save any Scrolls you find early in V Rising, as you’ll need them to unlock Technologies on the Study Research Desk. You should also have plenty of Saw Dust for crafting Paper, as it is produced alongside Planks.