How to find and use Great Dragonfly Head in Elden Ring

Here's where to find and how to use Great Dragonfly Heads.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring shows off a completely new crafting system never before seen in previous FromSoftware titles. The Tarnished of the Lands Between have a lot of options when it comes to what they can create.

While players cannot make their own weapons and armor using this system, they can create valuable consumable items. These consumable items can be found around the world but are often limited. The crafting system allows players to explore and create their own items so they don’t have to rely on the game to cure things like deadly scarlet rot.

To craft these items, players must collect the necessary ingredients and the correct Cookbook that gives insight on how to make them. These Cookbooks are found around the world and are sometimes purchasable from various NPCs. 

Great Dragonfly Head

The Great Dragonfly Head is a crafting item obtained by killing Giant Dragonflies around the game. These dragonflies are fast and annoying creatures found in humid lake areas that often evade magic attacks with their speed and are hostile even unprovoked. 

Here are a few locations where players can find Great Dragonfly Heads:

  • Killing the Giant Dragonflies in Agheel Lake in Limgrave
  • Killing Giant Dragonflies in the Aeonian Swamp found in Caelid
  • Found in one of the rooms in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins
  • Found by one of the effigies in the Tower of Return

These dragonflies, while quick and agile, are fairly weak and easy to kill. They drop a Great Dragonfly Head and five Runes on defeat.

How to use the Great Dragonfly Head

Like many odd items in Elden Ring, the Great Dragonfly Head is a crafting item used to create consumable items. As long as players have the correct Cookbook, they will be able to create the items.

Neutralizing Boluses

One item the Giant Dragonfly Head can create is a Neutralizing Bolus. This item is a cave moss-like ball that cures poison and alleviates build-up. Players need the Armorer’s Cookbook [2] to be able to craft this item.

Immunizing Cured Meat and Immunizing White Meat

These consumable items crafted with the Giant Dragonfly Head boost immunity for a short time. A player’s immunity stat determines how quickly poison and scarlet rot build up. Players can craft this item if they have the Armorer’s Cookbook [5].

The crafting system in Elden Ring is diverse and encourages players to explore the Lands Between for solutions to the limited supply of consumables that can be looted and purchased in the game.