How to find and use Golden Rowa in Elden Ring

Finding this item is easy.

Image via FromSoftware

There are a few items in Elden Ring that are an ingredient for multiple craftable items that can make the game significantly more manageable, meaning you should grab them every chance you get. One of those items is the Golden Rowa, which is needed in four different crafting recipes and can only be found in one location. 

Players can find Golden Rowa in the Altus Plateau between Mt. Gelmir and Leyndell Royal Capital. You likely won’t reach this area until the mid to late game, so don’t rush. But once you get to Altus Plateau, you should have little trouble finding Golden Rowa scattered throughout the area. It also spawns near the Erdtree, which should be your first stop if you’re looking for this useful item. The Golden Rowa contains orange berries that are easy to spot among other vegetation. 

Golden Rowa is needed to craft Invigorating Cured Meat, Dappled Cured Meat, Invigorating White Cured Meat, and Dappled White Cured Meat. These items provide several different benefits, like temporary boosts to Robustness, Immunity, and Focus, and are excellent resources to have at your disposal. You can also hold multiple of these items, meaning you’ll likely want to grab more than one Golden Rowa while exploring. 

If you don’t need your Golden Rowa, you can sell it to a merchant for 10 runes. But consider grabbing Golden Rowa every time you come across it since you’ll never know when you’ll need it for a recipe.