How to earn Newbucks fast in Slime Rancher 2

Soon you'll be the richest person in all of Rainbow Island.

Image via Monomi Park

Slime Rancher 2 has just been released and the grind to gather as many materials, slimes, and Newbucks has begun. The sequel to the award-winning Slime Rancher has dropped with upgraded ores, new equipment, and a good time to be had by all players. 

Players will scour Rainbow Island in search of materials, slimes, and other mysterious items in order to improve their ranch and tend to their slimes.

And, of course, players want to collect the title’s currency, Newbucks.

Newbucks are the currency of Slime Rancher, this type of cash is used to purchase most things in the game. Players can upgrade their VacPacks, and gadgets or even buy plots inside your Conservatory for all their slime friends.

How to earn Newbucks fast in Slime Rancher 2

Players can sell plorts at the Plort Market, and in return, they’ll receive Newbucks. Newbucks can also be earned by feeding Lucky Slimes meat, selling Quicksilver Plorts at Mochi’s Manor to the Mochi’s Range Exchange, and via crates.

Newbucks can be earned by promoting all your Plorts, by visiting the Plort Market in your conservatory area. This is the fastest way to gather Newbucks. 

The Plort Market is where players can sell all their Plorts harvested from a user’s ranch. 

The market’s prices fluctuate, meaning prices will rise and fall in Slime Rancher 2. The less certain types of plorts in the market will make the price skyrocket, so players must choose when to sell their plorts at the right time and price.