How to earn Credits quickly in Gran Turismo 7

More is always better.

Screengrab via Polyphony Digital

Even if you’re only after your dream car in Gran Turismo 7, you’ll find yourself unlocking more and more cars as you progress through the game.

Cars in Gran Turismo 7 don’t grow on trees, however, and you’ll need to spend Credits, the in-game currency in Gran Turismo 7, to add vehicles to your collection. While you’ll accumulate a decent amount of credits during your journey, you may want to find a way to earn them quicker if you’re getting closer to your next unlock.

Complete your driving tests and Circuit Experiences

If you jumped right into action after your brief introduction to Gran Turismo 7, you might still have a few driving tests waiting to be completed. Driving tests challenge players to achieve target times in different setups and reward them with Credits upon completion. Clearing out your driving tests will mean free credits, and they are relatively easy to complete. 

The open-world experience will take you to different driving tests. Still, you’ll need to ensure that you complete all the Circuit Experiences as they also reward Credits.

Work on your placements

While the ultimate objectives in races will be to have fun, winning will be paying more. Placing higher in races will increase the Credit rewards as well. If you find yourself falling out of the top three quite often, improving at Gran Turismo 7 can allow you to rack up extra Credits in the long run.

Try out Roulette Tickets

Menu Books in Gran Turismo 7 can be considered as questlines. These challenges will present players with different objectives like collecting certain car types or achieving various accomplishments in the game.

When players complete Menu Books, they’ll be rewarded with Roulette Tickets. These Tickets allow players to pick a prize from a set of rewards, including Credits.

Think twice before spending credits

If your primary purpose is to unlock all the cars in Gran Turismo 7, you may want to be mindful of how you spend your Credits. There will be many races that will ask players to have certain upgrades to compete, but purchasing the upgrades may not always be worth it.

Skipping out on certain upgrades or necessary purchases can allow you to accumulate more Credits and unlock more cars in return.

Purchase credits with real money

Technically, the fastest way to accumulate more Credits will be through purchasing them in exchange for real money. Buying Credits is completely optional, though, and players choose not to spend any additional money on the game and still continue to enjoy it.

Buying Credits only allows players to unlock more content in a shorter time, reducing the overall grind.