How to customize weapons in Battlefield 2042?

Let's get your gun into its best shape.

Image via EA

Maps in Battlefield 2042 are huge, and most corners of them will be packed with action. Some players will prefer keeping their distance and use sniper rifles to take down enemies from far away, while others may want to go into the heart of the battle and be the first through the door with an assault rifle or shotgun.

Regardless of your playstyle, you’ll always want to have the best weapon available to make sure to have an advantage over your enemies. Customizing your weapons with attachments is one of the best ways to upgrade a weapon, making up for its shortcomings or even making it more suitable for multiple playstyles.

Unlike most games, you can’t customize your weapon on the main screen of Battlefield 2042, and you’ll need to join a match before you can make any changes. Once you hop onto a match, you’ll need to press “T” on your keyboard or the Left Button (LB/L1) on your controller. 

After pressing the button, you’ll be forwarded to the attachment screen of your active weapon and you’ll be able to make all the adjustments you like as long as you have the components. You can check all the attachments you have for a given slot and check out the stat differences before making a decision.

As of now, this is the only way to customize weapons in Battlefield 2042. The game’s full launch is in November, however, and the developer may decide to add more ways to let players customize their guns or check out their options without joining a match.