How to cure Bloodblight in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

It hurts you more than it helps.

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is an expansion to Monster Hunter Rise. The expansion introduces new monsters, weapons, quests, and status ailments. It’s easy to get confused by the new ailments if you don’t know what to look for. There is a new illness called Bloodblight among them.

The monster Malzeno gives you Bloodblight when it hits you. Bloodblight is a new ailment that gives the player a boost while it hurts them. Bloodlight reduces the ability to regain lost health, but it gives players another way to gain health. If you have a blood droplet icon over your health bar, you have been afflicted with Bloodblight.

While you have Bloodblight, players lose their ability to heal naturally but gain lifesteal instead. In MHR Sunbreak, the lifesteal buff allows players to recover health by attacking monsters. In essence, you are stealing their life essence or health. Malzeno is one of the hardest monsters in the game because of this ailment, but he wouldn’t be so challenging if players weren’t worried about a death sentence whenever he hits them.

How to cure Bloodblight in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The only way to cure Bloodblight in MHR Sunbreak is to kill Malzeno. This is easier said than done and is pretty much all you’re trying to do is kill Malzeno. As you try to kill Malzeno, avoid direct hits against you, as Bloodblight will be applied again and stacks.

As a result of Bloodblight, your healing potions will not work as well. You can keep yourself alive by attacking Malzeno and stealing its lifeblood while afflicted with Bloogblight. Just memorize its techniques as you dodge so you don’t get too many stacks in a row. Without learning the attacks, you will die just from the Bloodblight debuffs that stack up.

The most important thing to watch is how much blood you’ve given to the Malzeno. If you give Malzeno too much blood, it will transform. There are two forms, and the last form is the most difficult to fight. All forms of Malzeno inflict Bloodblight, so there’s no reprieve while you’re fighting it.

This fight is all about defense, do not try and deal more than you know you can at once. If you are in the open or are susceptible to hits, Malzeno will use that opportunity to hit you again. While it may take longer, it’s better to take your time with one fight than to lose a lot of fights just because you wanted to rush one monster.