How to collect endorsement VC checks in NBA 2K22

Don't forget to collect them.

Image via NBA/2K Games

Virtual Currency (VC) is the money of NBA 2K22’s MyCareer, the popular game mode where you create your own player to compete in the NBA.

It’s necessary for you to stack VC when playing MyCareer since it’s required to upgrade your player’s stats throughout their journey. You can earn VC in several ways, such as playing in league games, Pro AM games, Rec Center games, completing quests, and also by collecting endorsement VC checks when they’re available.

Throughout your MyCareer, your player will get the chance to be sponsored by multiple brands. Every time you get a new endorsement, you’ll be awarded VC and some perks such as discounts in clothing stores, for example, if you demand that when negotiating with the brand. Your agent will let you know when a new endorsement VC check is available to be collected.

The high volume of NBA 2K22 players is causing some server issues, however, and sometimes it’s not possible to collect endorsement VC checks. If you have this problem, relaunch the game and try again. Players have already complained on social media about this, so it’s possible that the devs will push out a fix in the near future.

Here’s how to collect the endorsement VC checks in NBA 2K22’s MyCareer mode.

  1. After you get the message from your agent, head to the lobby on the fourth floor of Cancha del Mar. You should spawn in the main lobby.
  2. Walk straight forward toward a huge statue in the middle of the cruiser.
  3. Look to your right and you should see the Purser’s Desk.
  4. Head to the Purser’s Desk and speak with its employee to collect your VC check.