How to claim pre-order bonuses in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Players who pre-ordered got a Golden Hero Armor pack.

Image via Gearbox/2K Games

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has finally become available to play and Borderlands fans are eager to jump in and grab their pre-order bonuses that came with the game.

Players had three versions of the game to choose from: Standard, Next-Level, and Chaotic Great. All editions included the Golden Hero Armor pack, which can be applied to any armor set in the game.

Image via 2K Games

To claim the pre-order bonus, players will need to look at which way they purchased the game. Digital orders automatically receive their bonuses and will be automatically applied to their game when they download it.

Those who pre-ordered a physical copy of the game will have a little more work to do to claim their pre-order bonus. Physical copies came with codes to redeem the pre-order bonuses and they will need to enter those first before the bonus will show up in-game.

To do that, head to the storefront of the platform the game was purchased on, such as the Epic Games Store, the Microsoft Store on Xbox, or the PlayStation store. Redeem the pre-order code by using the redemption process on the platform the game was purchased on and the item should show up in-game a short time later.

To find the redeemed item in-game, head to the Social menu and head to the Mail tab. There should be a series of messages that allow players to claim the items that were delivered from the pre-order bonus. Once they are accepted in the mail tab, the items will show up in the player’s inventory.