How to charge the PS5’s DualSense controller

All the necessary equipment is included with the console.

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Sony’s new PlayStation 5 has ushered in the next generation of gaming to consoles. With a sold-out worldwide release, thousands of gamers have finally been able to get their hands on the device for the first time.

When unboxing the console, gamers will be pleased to find the new DualSense controller included in the box. This new accessory boasts top-of-the-line features, including new haptic sensors and adaptive triggers to make for more immersive gameplay.

Fortunately for users, Sony has made it extremely simple to set up and charge the controller. All of the necessary equipment is included right out of the box.

How to charge the PS5’s DualSense controller

First, make sure you check the console’s packaging for all the cables. The USB-C cable can be found beneath one of the cardboard pockets of the packaging.

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Once you have this, go ahead and power on your PS5. Plug the cable into the USB-C port provided on the front of the unit.

Now connect the other end to the port at the top of your controller. You’ll know it’s correctly connected once the controller begins to light up.

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To make sure that it’s charging, simply navigate to the home page by pressing the PlayStation button. Once you’re there, press it again to go to the screengrab menu.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a controller icon in the third slot from the right, notifying you of how much battery your controller has. When charging, this icon will remain full.

If you damage or misplace the cable included with your PS5, have no fear. All USB-C cables will work perfectly to connect and charge your devices. Similarly, you don’t need to plug your controller into a console to charge it. Any device or outlet that supports a USB-C will charge the DualSense controller perfectly fine and allow you to even charge on the go.

During Sony’s presentation showcasing the new device, fans were shown a controller docking station that’d be capable of charging multiple controllers at once. But it wasn’t released alongside the console and isn’t available to customers at this time.

Gamers with more than one controller will be happy to know that there are multiple USB-C ports on the console, however, allowing you to charge several controllers at once.

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