How to buy cars in Forza Horizon 4

Treat yourself.

Image via Microsoft Studios

While the scenery in Forza Horizon 4 is enough for any gamer to enjoy the flow of the game, it may get a little stale if you’ve been cruising around with 1974 Golf. Even if you’ve just started playing Forza Horizon 4, you can still acquire some of the free cars to spice up the gameplay.

If you’re aiming for purchasing any of the top models, you’ll need to have some credits saved on the side since faster cars cost more credits.

How can you purchase cars in Forza Horizon 4?

Though racing games tend to be less complicated compared to titles like Teamfight Tactics or Legends of Runeterra when it comes to gameplay, it’s still possible to get lost around the menus.

You’ll need to open up the main menu/panel of the game and navigate to the Cars tab to buy cars. The Cars tab isn’t where you purchase them, however, which is what confuses most new players. Once you’re on the Cars tab, click on “Go to Festival” and confirm it through the following popup.

When you’re in the Festival, you’ll notice three tabs, each looking alike. If you’re looking to purchase cars from other players, you’ll want to head to the Auction house. You’ll be able to bid on cars that are being sold by other Forza Horizon 4 players, and it’s possible to stumble upon bargains.

Most of the time, though, you’ll be better off purchasing from the Autoshow since the options in Auction House will be limited. Navigate to the Autoshow to purchase a car from the game itself and choose “View All.” Sorting by value can make it easier to locate options within your price range. Purchasing a car will take you to the customization screen where you’ll be able to choose the color of your car alongside other visual settings.

How can you earn credits in Forza Horizon 4 quickly?

If you don’t have enough credits to purchase your dream car, you’ll need to go back to the grind. While the gameplay makes playing through each game mode a breeze, most players will want to spend the amount of time to collect enough credits.

Buying the VIP Membership, which also comes with the Ultimate edition of the game, is the fastest way to obtain more credits since it doubles the rewards you’ll be getting from in-game quests and events.

Other methods you can try out to gain credits easily are as follows.

  • Play on higher difficulties.
    • Making your game slightly harder will noticeably increase your credits gained. Each difficulty level makes a difference around 15 percent in the credit you’ll be earning from completing races.
  • Level up your My Horizon Life.
    • My Horizon Life is filled with rewards that you can unlock through leveling up. Considering there are one too many categories, there’ll always be something you may have left out to level up, and focusing on them can net you some fast credits.
  • Try to do flashy moves while racing.
    • If you’re more of a skilled driver, focusing on pulling stunts as you’re completing a race can help you secure more credits during the process.
  • Complete the story missions and championships.
    • Most players who are in it to experience the atmosphere may have forgotten about the story missions and championships. Completing them with more starts will net you even more credits, so make sure to bring your A-game.
  • Sell your unused cars in auctions
    • Though it’s nice to have a collection, getting rid of the old will help you purchase your next car.
  • Use your wheelspins
    • If you’ve been skipping on spinning that wheel, go ahead and do it immediately. Not only will it not cost you anything if you have available spins, but the rewards are just too good to pass out on as well. Spin it every time you get free spins and maybe you can even luck out on a better car than the one you were trying to buy.