How to breach doors in Escape from Tarkov

Understanding how to breach doors is important.

escape from tarkov
Screengrab via Battlestate Games

Entering buildings or rooms in Escape from Tarkov can be dangerous if an enemy is hiding inside. Players can open the door slowly and check corners to be safe, or they can breach doors to enter aggressively.

But understanding how to breach doors can be confusing for new players who are not accustomed to the intense shooter. 

When players approach a door in Escape from Tarkov, a menu appears with several different options. They can open the door normally or breach into the door by kicking it in to surprise awaiting enemies. 

But not every door can be breached, which be confusing for new players. Doors can only be breached if they open away from you, so if you see a door that opens towards you, it cannot be breached.

If you attempt to breach a door that opens towards you, your character will kick the door, but it will not open. This causes a loud noise that can alert nearby enemies to your position. Always check which way a door opens before breaching to avoid making unnecessary noise and attracting unwanted attention.

Breaching doors locks players into an animation for a few seconds. This is enough time for enemy players to kill you, so avoid breaching doors when exposed. Breaching is also an option that should only be used in specific circumstances. Opening a door regularly is typically more effective and safe. 

Escape from Tarkov is still in development and receives consistent updates. The developers might update the breaching mechanic in the future, but you are better off opening doors normally right now.