How to beat the Burial Tree Watchdog in Elden Ring

With a few handy tips you can make short work of this boss fight.

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When you start your adventure in Elden Ring there is plenty to explore and bosses to be slain. One of these bosses hidden in Limgrave is the Burial Tree Watchdog.

This hidden boss lacks health but does do some decent damage with its moves. If you’re new to this style of game, you may struggle in the fight, but fortunately, with a few tips, you can get things done easily.

Here’s all you need to know about how you can slay the Burial Tree Watchdog.

How to beat the Burial Tree Watchdog

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The Burial Tree Watchdog is one of the easiest bosses you’ll fight in Elden Ring. But this doesn’t mean that new players won’t struggle.

When it comes down to it, there are really only two components of the boss’s offense that you’ll need to worry about and these are its hands and head.

All of its attacks will either come from swinging its sword or breathing fire, but there is also a slam. This slam can be easily seen coming though and with good timing, you can easily roll out of the damage zone.

As for the hands which make up the bulk of its attack, you’ll simply want to dodge either side when it strikes down and roll backward when it swipes from side to side. You can see these coming from the orientation that it lifts its blade, but if you aren’t prepared to dodge you can also shield these blows.

The final attack you need to be wary of is the fire breath. This will shoot out of the statue’s mouth and can follow you as it rotates. You’ll simply want to keep circling until the fire stops then you can get some free shots in.

For those that may be struggling with this, the Lone Wolf Ashes can make the fight a breeze. Simply summon them to attack the boss and get behind to land big damage. Rinse and repeat until the fight is over.