How to beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

Don't be afraid.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring is full of difficult bosses that can be devastating if you aren’t prepared for a tough fight. Sometimes you’ll encounter bosses in the Lands Between, which can be surprising and scary at the same time. One boss many characters encounter early in their game is the Flying Dragon Agheel, a massive flying monster capable of killing with one attack. 

Players can find the Flying Dragon Agheel at Agheel Lake east of the Church of Elleh. Players can find Bloody Finger Hunter Yura south of the lake, who will warn you about the dragon that lives in the lake. If you venture towards a large fire in the water, the Flying Dragon Agheel will land, and the boss battle will begin.

Before you attempt to defeat the dragon, you should have a few things in your inventory. Its almost impossible to beat the dragon without Torrent, so make sure you have unlocked your trusty steed before attempting this fight. This boss also has a significant amount of health, so upgrading your weapons to at least +two should be a priority. Defeating the Flying Dragon Agheel is not required, so feel free to level up and come back if you want an easier experience. 

Feel free to summon other players to help fight the dragon, and consider using Spirit Ashes for more assistance. Most Spirit Ashes won’t last long against the dragon, but they can help keep the attention off of you. Another player almost always makes a fight significantly easier and helps prevent unnecessary deaths. 

The Flying Dragon Agheel has multiple ranged attacks that should be avoided at all costs. The dragon will soar into the air and use its fire breath to engulf a large area in flames, which can inflict massive amounts of damage. It will also perform a slam attack after hovering in the air for a couple of seconds, so keep an eye out for this movement pattern. 

The dragon is just as deadly on the ground and has several attacks that can kill unsuspecting players. It will stomp nearby players and perform a tail swipe to hit enemies behind it. Both can be dodged once you recognize the movement and can be avoided altogether by staying away from these areas. 

One of the deadliest attacks and easiest to avoid is the dragon’s fire breath while on the ground. When the dragon’s mouth lights up, it is about to unleash a wide blast of fire that can immediately kill low-leveled players. This attack is easy to avoid by running to either side, but don’t underestimate its power. 

Defeating the Flying Dragon Agheel requires patience and finesse. Your strategy should be dodging every attack and immediately sprinting in to deal damage while the dragon is still recovering from its last attack. You can target multiple areas of the dragon, and hitting its head deals the most damage. But this also is slightly riskier, especially when the dragon uses its flame breath, and the head is a significantly harder target to hit. 

One of the best strategies is to aim for the dragon’s head and run beneath its feet to try to land a few more hits before retreating. Remember not to get greedy, as the dragon will punish any players who stay close for too long. 

Defeating the Flying Dragon Agheel rewards players with a Dragon Heart, which can be used at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. This boss also rewards a decent amount of runes and is worth defeating.