How to be the Imposter in Among Us

Everyone wants to be the bad guy.

Screengrab via InnerSloth

Among Us provides fun and hectic gameplay where crewmates must figure out who the imposter is or complete their tasks to win the game. Being a crewmate does offer a fun experience, but many players would rather be the person trying to kill and sabotage their friends. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee being selected as an imposter as the role is randomly assigned every match. Players can raise the number of imposters to three if they are the host of the game, but you will have to keep playing public matches until it’s your turn to be the bad guy. 

The Imposter is randomly selected

Among Us gives every person in the lobby the same chance to be an imposter. A player’s history of being an imposter or crewmate does not impact their chances in a new game. This is for the best as friends could begin to predict who would be the imposter next if a player’s history was considered. 

This means there is no way to improve your chances of becoming an imposter in a public match, and that you will need to keep grinding games until it is your turn. But players can change the game rules if they are the host. 

Increase the number of Imposters

If you host your own lobby, you can control how many imposters are selected each round. A typical lobby will usually have two imposters to keep it even between teams, but some players will lower it to one imposter for smaller lobbies. Three imposters is the highest option available, making games faster as more people are killing crewmates. 

Raising the imposter count to three will give you another chance to become an imposter, but it is still randomly selected. 

Keep playing until you’re selected

Being an imposter is fun and exciting, but you’ll have to wait for your turn. Some players will leave games until they are assigned as an imposter, but this is not recommended as it leaves these lobbies one player short and makes it easier for the imposter to win. You also will ruin the experience for the player who finally got their chance to be an imposter. 

The best way to be an imposter in Among Us is to wait for your turn and enjoy your time as a crewmate. Everyone has an even chance, and you will likely be selected after a few games. Just be sure not to waste it and be careful when killing your friends.