How many playable factions are in Company of Heroes 3?

Players can enjoy four factions from the start.

Image via SEGA

Company of Heroes 3 is the upcoming installment in the popular real-time strategy series where players can control notable historic factions in large-scale battles. The new game adds a new faction for players to enjoy, the Afrika Korps (DAK), introducing a new group of mechanized vehicles perfect for hitting enemies quickly and efficiently. A new faction is always good news, but some players are curious about how many playable factions will be in Company of Heroes 3 at launch. 

Company of Heroes 3 will launch with four playable factions: Afrika Korps (DAk), British Forces, Wehrmacht, and the U.S. Forces. Fans have already seen the U.S. Forces and Wehrmacht in the multiplayer pre-alpha in November and the British Forces in the pre-alpha last July. But players can finally try the highly-anticipated Afrika Korps in the latest mission alpha. 

All playable factions in Company of Heroes 3

The Afrika Korps faction features strong light vehicles and heavy support vehicles that are perfect for the early game. Players looking to pack a heavy punch right away should consider this new group. 

The British Forces are a staple of the Company of Heroes series and are the “easiest faction to engage with out of the box,” according to a press release. The new iteration of the British Forces is more mobile and younger than past games, providing a fresh experience for veterans and newcomers alike. 

The Wehrmacht is a hardy faction with an intense defense that can also pull off brutal counterattacks. This faction requires players to choose between upgrading their buildings to unlock powerful units or progressing into stronger vehicles, like the Panzer IV. 

The fourth and final faction available at launch is the U.S. Forces. This familiar faction has a balance of “flexible infantry and aggressive light vehicles and plentiful tanks.” Players can choose a Veterancy ability after attaining Veterancy level one with the U.S. Forces unit, providing extra efficiencies in important areas, like fire superiority or mobility. 

These four factions should provide plenty of content for Company of Heroes 3 players, and more factions will likely be introduced at a later time.