How does the Queen move in chess?

The most powerful piece in all the land.

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The Queen is the highest-valued piece in chess other than the King, and it all revolves around the piece’s flexibility and power.

Each player in a game of chess starts with just one Queen, but more can be created by getting a Pawn to the opponent’s end of the board which triggers a promotion of that pawn to a Rook, Bishop, Knight, or Queen.

Typically, players revolve their chess strategy around keeping their Queen protected while also opening her up to make powerful and suppressive plays.

Similar to a Rook, the Queen can move vertically or horizontally across the board in any direction for any number of squares that are open. Unlike Knight’s however, the Queen cannot go through any other pieces.

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In addition, the Queen can move diagonally across the board in the same ways that a Bishop can. This follows the exact same rules as a Bishop and is only limited by the number of squares on the board or pieces in the way.

On a board that is completely open, a Queen can move forward, backward, right, left, and diagonally in any combination of forward or backward with left or right. This makes the queen the most powerful and maneuverable piece in the game.