How do you unlock all paths in The Quarry?

Here's everything you need to know.

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You’ll be making hundreds of decisions when playing the Quarry. But not all of your choices will impact the story and you’ll want to unlock all the paths during your playthrough to get the most out of the game.

There are a total of 15 paths in the game that dictate how your story ends. If you’ve already played through the game once, you’ll have a few of them discovered, and here’s how you can unlock all of them.

Path one – Laura and Max

At the beginning of the Quarry, you’ll play as Laura and Max. The two will have to overcome a few threats in Hacket’s Quarry. Max will eventually hurt his head and bleed, and you’ll be asked to choose between helping Max or running away. Regardless of your decision, you’ll trigger the first path here, and we recommend helping Max since it’s required to save everyone in the Quarry.

Path two – Above the Law

After deciding on saving Max or leaving him, Laura is confronted by a police officer. The dialogue will unlock the “Above the Law” path. Be honest with the cop and comply to reveal the Quarry’s location.

Path three – A Fool’s Errand

You’ll get to play as Jacob in chapter one and unlock this path in the process. The path will unlock when you’re asked to choose between stealing an engine part or uncoupling the fuel line after Jacob wants to spend more time in the camp.

Path four – Down the Rabbit Hole

The Down the Rabbit Hole path also unlocks in the first chapter, but during the part with Emma and Abigail. The two will start talking about picking up their bags from the locked cabin, and you’ll be presented with two choices, leaving your bags or breaking in.

Choose to break in and make sure to pick up the teddy bear while doing so. Decide to keep the Teddy bear as well since it’ll have a place in the storyline.

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Path five – Playing with Fire

The fifth path becomes unlockable during the second chapter. Search the storage area as Emma and find the locked door. After opening it, you’ll get to explore the room where you’ll need to find and pick up a shotgun.

Once you secure the shotgun, make your way to the storage area to open the safe. You’ll have to decide between taking the fireworks inside or leaving them, which will unlock the fifth path.

Path six – Watch your step

Path six will become available during the second chapter. While you’re playing as Dylan, the story will lead you to explore Chris’ office. Search the floor for a trap door and choose to climb down. The sixth path will unlock regardless of your choice.

Path seven – Pieces of Silver

The seventh path, Pieces of Silver, becomes unlockable during the third chapter. Players need to choose between helping Nick and running back to the camp when Nick gets attacked. Choose to help Nick, but the path will unlock regardless of your choice.

Path eight – Finders Keepers

Path eigh will become unlockable during the third chapter. You’ll be playing as Ryan, and you’ll need to be assertive toward Abi before making your way into the woods. Once you’re in the woods, you’ll need to pick between taking a shortcut or staying on the path. You’ll need to choose the shortcut twice and complete Quick Time Events (QTEs) in the process to unlock the eighth path.

Path nine – Distraction

Path nine also becomes unlockable during chapter three. You’ll be playing as Jacob, and you’ll need to avoid throwing a dart at the hunter that helps you. 

Path 10 – Helping Hand

The tenth path can be unlocked during the fifth chapter. When Dylan gets bit, he’ll ask for Ryan’s help. Choose the following interactions.

  • Interested
  • Concerned
  • Apologetic
  • Don’t shoot the gun, aim at the ceiling
  • Aggressive
  • Anxious
  • Calm
  • Desperate
  • Chainsaw

The Helping Hand will unlock as you help Dylan.

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Path 11 – The White Whale

Path 11 becomes available during the seventh chapter. The path will unlock as you interact with the cop as Laura. If you’re looking to keep everyone alive, be compliant and avoid shooting the cop.

Path 12 – Teambuilding

Path 12 will become unlockable during chapter eight. While Kaitlyn talks to Dylan, choose to be encouraging.

Path 13 – Love’s Labour Lost

The 13th path can be unlocked during chapter eight. It’ll unlock when you get to decide between freeing Jacob or leaving him in the cell below Hackett’s house.

Path 14 – A Pound of Flesh

Path 14 will be unlockable during chapter nine. During the chapter, Ryan starts bleeding out, and you’ll need to decide between saving him by biting him or letting him bleed out. The path will become unlockable as you make your decision

Path 15 – Keepsakes

Path 15 can be unlocked during the first chapter. Right at the start as Jacob, look for a bracelet on the floor. Picking it up will unlock path 15.