How do you craft arrows in Elden Ring?

Crafting arrows in Elden Ring means talking to the right people.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring is being played by people all across the world, and those Tarnished who have walked in the Lands Between know how little it prepares the player for what they’ll face. As is FromSoftware’s trend, the game is challenging from the minute you leave the character customization menu.

Even if you’re a class with a ranged starter, you will have no ammo besides what you start with. You won’t get far using that weapon if you don’t learn to create your arrows and bolts. Luckily, crafting ammo is easy.

How to craft arrows in Elden Ring

When you enter into the open world for the first time, you’ll need to follow the beam of light coming from the site of grace. It will lead you to a merchant named Kale. If you have just 50 runes, you can trade them for a Crafting Kit.

This won’t allow you to craft arrows by itself but buying Nomadic Warrior’s Kit [1] for 500 runes will. This recipe book will teach you how to make Bone Arrows, Bone Arrows (Fletched), and Bone Bolts. You’ll also notice you can buy arrows from Merchant Kale for 20 runes each, but this can get costly if you go there repeatedly.

To craft fletched arrows, you’ll need to collect resources from the animals near the trader. The recipe for crafting 10 of those arrows costs three Thin Beast Bones and one Flight Pinion. You can find the bones by hunting nearby animals like deer-like creatures and the feathers by sneaking up on the birds perched on cliffs. 

There are also more advanced arrow recipes you’ll have to find cookbooks for. For instance, the Firebone Arrow requires you find Armorer’s Cookbook [2] from the Nomadic Merchant. It costs six Thin Animal Bones and one Smoldering Butterfly to craft 10 of them.

As you explore through The Lands Between and defeat stronger bosses, you’ll have the opportunity to learn several new arrow types like Poisonbone. If you’re willing to explore enough, you may even learn about St. Trina’s Arrow, which causes a decent sleep buildup effect. 

When you learn to craft a particular type of arrow, you’ll usually unlock the associated bolt to go with it. This access provides you with the option to switch to a crossbow once you level your stats enough.

You have many choices when crafting arrows and how you use them in Elden Ring. As you progress, you’ll learn more and be able to take down even larger enemies.