How do you complete the Speed Machines Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5?

Trivia Crack with cars.

Image via Microsoft

The latest Festival playlist lives in Forza Horizon 5 and there’s a new Treasure Hunt in the game. Treasure Hunts require players to solve a series of clues and perform in-game tasks to finally get to the loot.

The Speed Machines Treasure Hunt starts with the “German sport hares are lightning fast, splitting any zone in three.” clue and challenges players’ knowledge of automobiles. If you’re not the one for riddles, however, you can complete this Treasure Hunt by following the steps below.

  • Purchase a Volkswagen Golf GTI 1983.
    • The car can be purchased for 20,000 Credits at the Autoshow.
  • Upgrade the car and improve its speed with custom tune-ups. Ensure the car has a rating of S1 or S2 in the end, favoring speed and acceleration.
  • Find a speed zone that can easily be three-starred like El Gancho.
  • Complete the speed zone with three stars with your modified Golf GTI 1983.
  • Upon completing a speed zone, the treasure chest will be revealed on the map.
    • The directions will take you to a bridge and you’ll need to follow it while driving below it.
  • The chest will be waiting for you at the end of the road, and smashing it will complete the challenge.

Upon finishing the Speed Machines Treasure Hunt, players will be rewarded with 100 Forzathon points which can be used in Forza Horizon 5’s in-game shop.