How and where to play Absurdle

Surprisingly fun.

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Wordle, the word-guessing puzzle game created by Josh Wardle, seems to have created the opportunity for a myriad of variants. The coder known as qntm has created a version of Wordle that kind of looks like it hates the player, and it’s called “Absurdle“.

Absurdle is described by its creator as “an adversarial variant of the charming and (currently) viral word guessing game Wordle,” which basically means the game will play against you, changing the answer every time you get too close to the solution, intentionally prolonging the game as much as possible and for that, unlike Wordle, Absurdle has infinite attempts.

This is possible because an AI evaluates all possible answers for your guesses and only gives you information about the scenario with the most possibilities. For example, most first attempts will result in the game telling you that none of those letters are present in the answer, but if you try the word ”AUDIO” first, it will tell you that there is an “A” in the correct word and it is not in the first position. This is because there are many more words with an “A” and without the letters “U,” “D,” “I,” and “O” than there are words that have none of them, including the letter “A.” The answer will always be the same because the AI is deterministic. This means there is no randomness, and it will always choose the path that makes that game more difficult.

This feature makes Absurdle impossible to be beaten in less than four guesses, and it’s possible to play the same game every time if players input the same guesses in the same order. But it can be a lot of fun to play and usually, a match ends faster than Wordle‘s matches, despite more attempts.

Where to play Absurdle?

Absurdle can be played on its official homepage, either in your internet browser or on your mobile device. There are also other difficulties you can choose to play on, each one with specific rules to complicate your already-not-easy experience.

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