Horizon Forbidden West gets new patch filled with bug fixes

Players should encounter less bugs after the patch.

Image via Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West had a great launch when it released mid-February, and people are still getting through the game with a few reported bugs in it. A new patch released today fixed a lot of issues players are facing.

Although the developers have acknowledged they aren’t done fixing all of the bugs yet, many have been addressed that were giving players a hard time. In the patch notes, the developers outlined several known issues they are working on and are marked as a high priority to fix.

Players have reported graphical issues, issues with fast traveling while gliding inside of a tornado, and the inability to receive rewards after completing the Black Box Collectibles activity.

A number of main quest fixes were implemented, which can cause a lot of frustration since main quests allow players to continue with the storyline. Some side quests were also fixed, allowing players to finish those side quests that they may have gotten stuck on if they weren’t able to find a work around.

Some graphics and performance issues were also addressed, although some of the most interesting fixes had to do with Aloy’s look and sounds. She will now appear wet when she comes out of the water, she won’t get stuck in geometry anymore, and her breathing sounds will now quiet down during a cinematic sequence.

Full details about what was fixed are in the Reddit post detailing the patch notes, as well as a post by developers in the comments that goes more into balancing changes made to weapons and enemies.