Hi-Rez schedule maintenance to fix lobby issues and season pass bug in Smite

Fingers crossed.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

If you’re sick of disconnecting in the middle of your Smite matches, Hi-Rez has some good news for you. The developer has scheduled a dedicated maintenance day to try to fix the server issues once and for all.

Starting Monday, March 1 at 8am CT, Smite will be down for what Hi-Rez expects to be a “few hours.” During this maintenance, the team will be focused on fixing lobby connection issues, as well as a bug with the Smite season pass 2021.

The Smite season pass is a one-time purchase that allows you to gain certain content as it’s released throughout the year. Through the season pass, players can unlock skins, gods, and more. For some players, however, it appears all those who purchased the season pass aren’t receiving their promised rewards.

Once the maintenance is complete next week, players who are missing items included with the season pass should receive their content, according to Hi-Rez. This is great news for anyone who’s missing content and probably feels cheated out of their money.

Since season eight went live, Smite players have reported a plethora of server issues across the board. Mid-game disconnects have plagued ranked and unranked conquest alike. Most recently, players have had issues connecting to the servers or are disconnecting when in a match lobby.

The maintenance on March 1 should help solve these issues and get players back out to the Battleground of the Gods.