Here are all of the game modes in Splitgate

You've got quite a variety to try out.

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Following its launch on consoles late last month, Splitgate has been revitalized with thousands of new players testing out the free-to-play arena shooter for the first time.

As a mix between Halo and Portal, the gameplay is quite unique. On top of that, there’s a huge range of modes to play—some familiar, others new.

If you’re new to the game and taking a look at what it can provide for you, here’s a full list of all the game modes in Splitgate right now.

All game modes in Splitgate

Image via 1047 Games

Team Deathmatch

The most standard of game modes you’ll find in almost every shooter-style game, Team Deathmatch sees two teams of four face off. The winner is determined by who reaches the kill limit first.

Free for All

Another common game mode for shooters, Free for All in Splitgate can be played by up to six players who all face off. The winner is the single player who reaches the kill limit first.

King of the Hill

As the name suggests, to win in this mode, you’ll need to be a part of the team that’s able to hold position and secure a single point within a map during the match.


Domination is a classic game mode where there are three positions located around the map that players must secure to earn points that eventually contribute to winning the game. Similar to other modes, the winner is determined by the team that hits the score limit first.

Capture the Flag

Showing its Halo inspiration, Capture the Flag is one of the best modes in Splitgate. Players on two teams will need to head to the other team’s spawn and retrieve a flag before bringing it back to their base to score a point. The team with the most points will win the game.

Teabag Confirmed

Playing into the Halo fandom, Teabag Confirmed is a game mode inspired by the classic Kill Confirmed mode where after killing a player, the team must secure their dog tags to score a point. But in this spin on the mode, to secure the point, you’ll need to teabag the enemy’s body.


Team SWAT is one of the more unique modes where battle rifles and pistols are used with headshots resulting in instant kills. This game mode can be implemented into Free-for-all, two-vs-two, solo, Instagib, and Teabag Confirmed modes.


Oddball is similar to Capture the Flag but points are granted for holding the ball objective rather than scoring. This can be played as both free-for-all or in a team setting.


In this mode, players are given a Railgun that can fire instantly, making for some powerful and fast combat situations. This mode can also be played in a team setting.


VIP will see one player designated as the “VIP” on each team. It’s the allies’ job to defend this player from the enemies trying to eliminate them. While portals play a big part in the movement in Splitgate, only the VIP can use them in this mode.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a game mode where players only have 30 health, meaning you’re usually eliminated from the match with one shot.


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In Fiesta, players will want to kill enemies to score points, as usual, but their loadout will be randomized upon death. This can be played both in a free-for-all setting and as a team mode.

One in the Chamber

One in the Chamber is a mode where players are given a single bullet to fire before they’re forced to continue with melee combat only. This bullet will kill enemies with a single shot and grant the player who scores the kill a new bullet in their clip. To spice things up further, this can be played as a team.

Neutral Capture the Flag

In this spin on the CTF mode, both teams will complete for a single flag that’s in play, making it even more difficult to score.

Gun Game

In Gun Game, earning a kill will grant players a new weapon. The goal is to secure a kill with each weapon until you’ve cycled through them all. The winner is the person who does this the fastest.


In Takedown, the goal is to eliminate all players on the enemy team. As players accumulate more deaths, their respawn time will increase. The team that earns the victory in four rounds will be deemed the winner.


Showdown is very similar to the Takedown game mode, but there won’t be respawns allowed during rounds.

VIP Takedown

As the name suggests, this is a mix between the VIP and Takedown modes. In a round-based setting, one player will be marked as the VIP. Eliminating them will end the round and score a point for the successful team.