H2K signs betongJocke, Loulex still the starter

European League of Legends Championship Series side H2K has acquired former Denial jungler Joachim "betongJocke" Rasmussen

Image via Riot Games/Flickr | Remix by Jacob Wolf

European League of Legends Championship Series side H2K has acquired former Denial jungler Joachim “betongJocke” Rasmussen. The team began negotiations with Rasmussen and Denial after he left that team’s starting lineup on July 1.

For now, Rasmussen will likely serve as a substitute, as H2K intends to start current jungler Jean-Victor “loulex” Burgevin this weekend and likely for the remainder of the season. He should have a shot at the starting position next season.

H2K Chief Executive Officer Richard Wells tells the Daily Dot the team hopes foster Rasmussen’s talent and train him to play with the best. In the mean time, the organization intends to allow him to play with another team in the Challenger Series.

“Right now our priority is to make sure he has as much competitive team experience under his belt as possible, so for the time being you will be able to see him applying his trade in the Challenger scene,” Wells said. “We believe that fostering promising talents is a natural evolution that’s starting to hit eSports and we firmly believe that Joachim will benefit greatly from structured, measured progression.”

Throughout the offseason and early Challenger Series split, Rasmussen was hailed as one of the best Challenger junglers not playing in the LCS. He consistently performed while playing with Ranked 5’s squad Team Gravy, which later was picked up by Denial Esports.

“Denial eSports and betongJocke [Rasmussen] came to a mutual agreement and negotiated his contract with H2K,” Denial Chief Operating Officer John “Jp” Perd tells the Daily Dot. “We wish nothing but the best for him in the future.”

Burgevin has not performed as well as his peers this season. H2K has been one of the best teams in Europe over the past two splits, however. It placed third in the Spring Split and currently holds third place in the Summer Split. Led by stars top laner Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu and Petter “Hjärnan” Freyschuss and backed by Yoo “Ryu” Sang-ook and Raymond “kaSing” Tsang, the team’s first season in the League Championship Series has shown promise for its future.