GTA V now has one of PlayStation’s most disliked trailers

GTA isn't getting anything new and fans are mad about it.

Image via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto fans are starving for more new content, and a GTA V remaster isn’t it. The trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube page is one of the most disliked videos on the channel to date.

Sony announced during its PlayStation Showcase last week that GTA V and GTA Online are getting a remaster and they’re coming to PS5 next March with bonuses available for PS Plus members. But that wasn’t enough for fans waiting for more content for their favorite franchise.

Within a week of its release, the trailer for the remastered games has received over 120,000 dislikes and only has 25,000 upvotes. The comments section is flooded with the same sentiment, with many comparing how long it’s been since GTA V came out.

Many fans are blasting Rockstar Games for calling the PS5 release a remaster when the graphics look almost identical to the original game. They’re also not impressed by the trailer’s advertised features, such as enhanced gameplay and seamless character switching, which don’t give fans much information as to what’s being added since character switching has been included early on and enhanced gameplay is quite vague.

There were also disappointed groans from fans worldwide when there was no GTA VI announced. The game is still in early development and may not release until 2025, according to PCGamer. Fans are mad that the devs are still trying to milk profits from GTA V in the meantime while they settle in for a four-year wait for the next iteration of the game.