Goddess becomes first female player to join the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League after beating CLG

As captain of beastcoast, she led her team in this nail biter of a series.

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Led by team captain Lauren “Goddess” Williams, beastcoast overcame CLG in a relegation series last weekend to determine which team would qualify for the North American Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League, and which would fall back to the Challenger circuit.

At the end of the series, beastcoast’s superior team coordination and superstar performance from a couple key players on the final map won the day, and with that qualification, Goddess also became the first woman to join the Pro League.

Both the Siege and larger esports community have shown their support for Goddess and her accomplishments. Her Twitter account is filled with congratulatory tweets from the likes of Paul Chaloner and a very long list of Siege pros. She follows in the footsteps of Se-yeon “Geguri” Kim, who was the first female player to join the official Overwatch League earlier this year.

Teammates Brandon “Schlongii” Escamilla and EvlWaffle stood out as beastcoast’s top killers, putting up stellar KDA ratings of 1.29 and 1.22 respectively to combat and overcome CLG’s MVP Skys, who racked up more kills than anyone in the relegation series.

Goddess played mainly utility-oriented operators Thermite and Bandit to set the stage for objective pushes on attack and zoning on defense, two strategies she uses often as captain. She earned 13 kills, one bomb plant, and one of the highest headshot accuracy ratings in the series at 50 percent.

Global relegations for the end of Season Seven hosted an unprecedented amount of Challenger team qualifiers. Five new teams from around the world have now qualified for the Pro League in Season Eight, meaning five teams have also been knocked out. Out of all the relegation series, only one LATAM team managed to hold onto their Pro League spot—YeaH! Gaming. All other relegation series resulted in former Pro League teams being replaced by one from the Challenger circuit.

Season Eight of the Pro League doesn’t start until this summer, but if you want to see Goddess play before then, she also streams regularly on her Twitch channel.


Aaron Mickunas
Esports and gaming journalist for Dot Esports, featured at Lolesports.com, Polygon, IGN, and Ginx.tv.

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