Shanghai Dragons tank Geguri shows off her ridiculous reaction time playing Overwatch’s newest hero

The South Korean tank player used Brigitte's kit to save herself from Roadhog's hook on a recent stream.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A Roadhog hook into Nepal’s Sanctum pit is certain death for most Overwatch players. Save a D.Va with a boost or an expert Lúcio wall-riding their way out, most heroes will just plummet into the depths of the Overwatch map.

But with a ridiculously high sensitivity setting—small flicks move the cursor very quickly—Shanghai Dragons tank player Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon showed on a recent stream that a fast reaction time is the best answer to the dark abyss of Nepal’s pit. Geguri took to Overwatch’s new tank-like support quickly, showing off her skill on a Twitch livestream after the new hero’s release.

Each whip of Geguri’s flail takes out enemy after enemy, alternating between her Rocket Flail and Whip Shot, Barrier Shield and Shield Bash. Any enemy that dares to step on the point gets clocked, so the enemy Roadhog tries to take her on from afar. (You’re going to want to watch the clip in slow motion. Trust us.)

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Geguri drops Brigitte’s shield for a moment—that’s when the Roadhog player strikes. Geguri gets pulled square into the pit. She starts to dip into the abyss before she spins around to face the point. From there, she uses Shield Bash to get back onto the point and pull herself out of the pit. She spins back around to face the Roadhog player, only to start bashing fools with her flail again. If you’re watching the clip at full speed, it’s hard to even see Geguri’s save happen. It just sort of looks like Overwatch dropped a few frames, with Geguri magically back onto the point.

Rewind the clip and watch Geguri’s mouse hand while all this is going down. It’s her super high sensitivity level, speedy reaction time, and pure muscle memory that allows the Overwatch League pro player to execute the move with such micro-level movements to the mouse. A lot of high-level Overwatch players use sweeping arm movements to control their heroes, but Geguri does it differently with her precise wrist movements.

Geguri will debut in the Overwatch League with the Shanghai Dragons at some point during the league’s first season. She’s the first female player in the Overwatch League, but is currently facing visa issues that have delayed her anticipated arrival. She’ll likely play Zarya and D.Va for the Shanghai Dragons, but it looks like they’ll have a formidable Brigitte player, too.

As for Brigitte, the new Overwatch hero is in testing on the game’s PTR. She’ll likely stay there for a few weeks before making her entrance into the live game.