GAMURS Acquires

GAMURS is pleased to announce the acquisition of, one of the newest websites for aspiring esports freelancers and writers.

GAMURS is pleased to announce the acquisition of, one of the newest websites for aspiring esports freelancers and writers.

Guilherme Arten-Meyer, the founder of, is extremely excited about SplitPush joining the GAMURS network.

“Last weekend, I received an email from Riad Chikhani, the founder and owner of GAMURS, regarding a possible acquisition of,” Arten-Meyer said. “While speaking with him, I could notice his passion and enthusiasm for esports, and his desire to help the scene grow. After a brief negotiation, I decided to sell SplitPush to GAMURS, but SplitPush will keep functioning separately and I will continue to manage the website under the GAMURS banner.”

Even though SplitPush has only been around for roughly five months, Arten-Meyer believes that his website has already started to make a name for itself as a place where readers can find great and interesting written content by aspiring journalists. “SplitPush is aimed to give everybody who has interest in creating (and getting better at) amazing content, backed by not only a friendly and reliable team, but also by the experience and knowledge now provided by GAMURS,” Arten-Meyer said.

Riad Chikhani, the CEO and founder of GAMURS, also has high expectations following the acquisition of SplitPush. “I think that this acquisition will help usher in a new era of journalism with esports, where we can give all individuals, young and old, a place to publish their content,” Chikhani said. “As long as you have a positive attitude and hard-working mentality, SplitPush gives writers of all skill-levels a place to publish their work, and possibly make some money from it as well.”

Arten-Meyer truly believes that SplitPush will become the place to go for all up-and-coming journalists. “If you want to join our team, feel free to send an email to [email protected],” Arten-Meyer said. “Please make sure to include the game(s) you would want to cover, your motivation and plans for the future, and, if you already have something ready, an example of your work, which could be your first article published on”

SplitPush is just the latest website to join the GAMURS network, and Arten-Meyer is thrilled to be joining the brand. “I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has been supporting SplitPush over the past few months,” Arten-Meyer said. “I would also like to thank my incredible team, who has been working hard in order to deliver great content to you all.”

If you want to join the exciting world of esports journalism, be sure to check out

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