Gaming Community Expo’s 2021 event will take place in digital form thanks to Unreal Engine

The digital event space will be playable and explorable.

Image via GCX

Gaming Community Expo, or GCX, will be taking place in digital form this year with a fully explorable and playable event space made in Unreal Engine.

Kevin Murray, CEO and president of Rare Drop and one of the founding members of the event, announced that the event space is being built to take place “in space.” This digital environment will allow ticketholders to “attend” the event in real-time, with customizable avatars, proximity voice chat, and more.

GCX, known for its yearly fundraiser benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, was due to take place in Orlando, Florida last year before having to move online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, the online-only festivities raised over $6 million for the hospital.

With the pandemic still ongoing, continuing with a digital format makes sense. But this ambitious new version is a unique spin. This year’s event will also include the week-long fundraising marathon featuring top streaming talent, as it has in years past.

Murray confirmed that ticketholders from the canceled 2020 event already have access to this year’s digital event. They’ll also receive a care package and exclusive cosmetics for the space station.

GCX will host a livestream on March 19 where questions will be answered and more information about the event will be revealed. The space station event will take place from June 17 through 20. Ticket sales start at $55 beginning on April 1.