Gaming Apparel Retailer J!NX Enters Into eSports Sponsorship

Cincinnati, OH – Oct. 1, 2015 – Team eLevate, LLC (http://elevate.

Cincinnati, OH – Oct. 1, 2015 – Team eLevate, LLC (, a professional eSports organization with top-tier teams in Call of Duty, Smite (PC and Xbox), Halo, World of Tanks, and Battlefield 4, has announced new sponsorship from gaming apparel retailer J!NX. eLevate and J!NX will provide the geek, gamer, and eSports audience with innovative marketing strategies and community engagement.

San Diego, CA based J!NX, founded in 1999, has established itself as one of the top clothing and accessory retailers in the gaming industry. The company maintains licensing deals with top developers, including Blizzard, Riot Games, DICE, and Valve. They also make clothing and accessories for some of the most popular games in eSports – those in which eLevate competes – including Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, World of Tanks, and Halo. This overlap allows eLevate professionals and staff to market J!NX apparel to an actively engaged fanbase. eLevate will provide J!NX with practical feedback for creating useful and innovative designs to appeal to the competitive eSports market. This is J!NX’s first eSports sponsorship.

This announcement highlights the company’s intent to actively promote its products outside the more general video gaming community. By engaging with the eSports side of things – different namely in player commitment, team identification and culture – J!NX will begin to design apparel that appeals directly to professional gamers and their fans.

Both eLevate and J!NX expect a long-term partnership to build the presence of J!NX in the eSports world and to continue to build eLevate as a top-performing organization. Brandon “MaDDoG” Hatfield, CEO of Team eLevate, commented on the partnership, saying, “We absolutely love J!NX. Their products are high-quality, their management passionate of gaming and supportive of eSports, and their vision is one with which we can get on-board. Our conversations have been incredibly positive, and we all want the same thing: a more vivid and engaged competitive community. We love gaming, we love their designs. This partnership is nothing but a win-win for our companies, and we look forward to a bright future with J!NX.”

Julian Collins, eSports Community Specialist at J!NX, shared similar sentiment, saying, “We’re really excited to partner with eLevate! After talks with them, we knew it was a partnership that needed to happen. Brandon and everyone at the organization are a pleasure to work alongside and we cannot wait to show you what J!NX and eLevate plan to do in the future.”

Press Release info provided by Collin “Parsimone” R., Chief Communications Officer and PR Head Team eLevate, LLC.