Frost Fatales, an all-women speedrunning event, raises over $132,000 for charity

Tons of games were played and tons of money was raised for a good cause.

Image via Nintendo

Frost Fatales, a speedrunning competition that’s part of Games Done Quick, ended its week-long event yesterday and raised over $132,000 for Malala Fund.

The event was organized by the Frame Fatales community and saw over 50 speedruns in the competition between Feb. 27 and March 6. Some games that the women chose to speedrun were Fire Emblem: Three Houses, DuckTales, Kingdom Hearts 2, Mass Effect, and much more.

Proceeds from donations and merch sales went straight to Malala Fund, which is a charity that advocates globally for the education of all young girls. It invests in education advocates and activists to assist in the goal of ensuring that every girl has 12 years of education.

A neat part of the event was that donators could bid for certain things with their money. By donating and then selecting which bid that donation would go toward, viewers could unlock certain options to tailor how the speedrunner played. Certain choices such as choosing a character, choosing a path in a game’s story, or choosing the player’s in-game name were just some of the things viewers could bid for.

Frost Fatales is Games Done Quick’s winter event for women in speedrunning and there will be another event in the summer called Flame Fatales. That competition will take place in August, but the exact dates are to be announced.