Free Mulan skin available for Smite through Prime Gaming

Who could this dashing swordsman be?

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

If you love free skins, the crew over at Hi-Rez Studios consistently has your back. Right now, you can obtain the Mysterious Warrior Mulan skin in Smite via Prime Gaming.

This skin technically isn’t free, but it is assuming you have Amazon Prime—and let’s be honest, you probably have Amazon Prime. If you have Twitch Prime, then you’ve likely already taken advantage of Prime Gaming rewards before.

For Smite, all you need to do to claim Prime Gaming rewards is navigate to Smite’s official Prime Gaming page here. Once there, you’ll see a row of past and current Prime Gaming rewards. You’ll notice Hi-Rez gives free skins away relatively often through the service.

Once you’re on the appropriate page, you’ll see a button with Mulan’s splash art that says “Claim Now.” Once you click that button, you’ll either automatically have the skin or you’ll be prompted to link your accounts. If you need to link your Smite and Prime Gaming accounts, follow the on-screen instructions to do so.

Mysterious Warrior Mulan plays into part of the character’s lore that many of us are likely familiar with thanks to the Disney movie. Join Mulan as she infiltrates the Battleground of the Gods and you too will have what it takes to defeat the Huns.