Following GTA 6 leaks, 2K faces major security breach of its own

It hasn't been a good week for Take-Two Interactive companies.

Image va Take-Two Interactive

Following the massive hack and subsequent leaks of early Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay, it seems that Take-Two Interactive might have an even bigger problem on its hands. 2K Support announced today that a “third party” had illegally gotten access to the company’s help desk and subsequently started sending out links to different 2K account holders that contained “a malicious link.”

The security breach that resulted in the GTA leaks might be an even larger issue than was even previously thought. 2K is telling its users to not open any emails or click on any links sent from the 2K Games support account until it’s sure it has rectified the security issues.

The announcement from 2K Support also told users that they will need to reset their passwords and enable two-factor authentication for their 2K accounts if they already received an email from 2K Support and clicked on the malicious link that was sent to some accounts. Users who clicked on the link should also look into anti-virus software to run on their PCs.

The news of another breach is a massive blow to Take-Two Interactive so soon after the leaks of GTA 6 circulated quickly online, causing massive backlash from fans (who apparently do not know how video game development works) regarding the game’s rough character models and even sending Take-Two’s stock price down. Now, the company’s other major publisher can’t even guarantee the security of player accounts.

At present, it’s probably a decent idea to change your 2K password even if you didn’t receive an email or click on any links from 2K Support and to not open any emails from the company until it gives the all-clear.