Fnatic’s Twitter account has been deleted

Will it ever return?

Image via Fnatic

Twitter removed Fnatic’s account from the popular social media platform this morning. The company claims that the page’s founder, Sam Mathews, was underage when he started it.

Fnatic’s main Twitter account built a strong fan base over the years. The page helped fans keep track of all of the organization’s teams across the world.

But now, if you try to find Fnatic’s Twitter account, you’ll see a blank profile with the words “This account doesn’t exist.”

Screengrab via Twitter

Twitter sent Mathews a message saying that “Our Terms of Service require everyone who uses Twitter to be 13 or older, and we have determined that you did not meet the minimum age requirement at the time this account was created.”

At time of writing, the page still isn’t live. Fnatic’s account should be reinstated at some point. But if Fnatic is unsuccessful in getting the page back, the organization would have to start a new account from scratch.

Update Aug. 13 10:45am CT: Fnatic’s Twitter account is now live again and is slowly getting its followers back.