The best Battlefield 4 team just quit to play a new game (and it’s probably Overwatch)

Fnatic's Battlefield 4 team have been the best in the world for some time

Photo via Blizzard

Fnatic‘s Battlefield 4 team have been the best in the world for some time. But now the team is quitting the game with a new pasture on the horizon.

Overwatch‘s beta arrives on Tuesday and very few people have got their hands on the game. But big players in the esports scene are already trying to gain a foothold: With Tempo Storm approaching top Team Fortress 2 teams, Fnatic’s Battlefield team have signaled their intent to switch to Blizzard’s newest franchise.

In an official statement, the team announced that they would be departing from Battlefield after five-consecutive ESL One titles. Though they did not explicitly say that Overwatch would be their new focus, the team will not be leaving Fnatic and the team stated that the five players will be actively looking for a new game.

And though the team did not confirm that Overwatch was their new focus, the statement did say that the team “look forward” to the beta of the game.

Fnatic’s Eric “2Easy” Van Hoorn teased the move on Twitter, commenting on the influx of Team Fortress and Battlefield pros headed to the new game:

TF2 and Quake pro’s will dominate the scene in Overwatch(c) Reddit. Dunno what’s more funny, tf2 pro’s or that quake players will dominate.

— FaZe TwoEasy (@FaZe2Easy) October 26, 2015

With Blizzard targeting Overwatch as an esport from the ground up and those in the pro scene already looking to establish themselves, Overwatch is set to explode on to the esports scene in 2016.