Flight Pinion Location in Elden Ring: How to find and use Flight Pinion

Tip toe now.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring allows players to arm themselves with many different weapons. If you’ve decided to become an archer in your journey, you’ll generally have the positioning advantage over your enemies.

Archers can increase their power level by crafting different kinds of arrows, one of which will require finding a Flight Pinion. This item drops from birds players can slay in Elden Ring and you’ll need to locate eagles in order to secure yourself Flight Pinions.

Eagles can often be found chilling on top of cliff edges, and there’s one that fits the description close to the Murkwater Coast spawn point. It overlooks a river, and you can find a couple of eagles in the location, which should be enough to collect a few Flight Pinions.

Eagles tend to be quite sensitive to noise, so if you’re looking to take down more than one, you’ll need to approach them stealthily. Sneak behind them and press your left analog stick, then quickly move over to the next one before the rest fly away. You can also use your bow and arrow for this task, but missing can cause the eagles to flee.

If you happen to find a better Flight Pinion farming spot near a Site of Grave, you can reset the environment to continue farming the respawning eagles.

Flight Pinions can be used to craft Fletched Bone Arrows. The Elden Ring recipe will also require players to collect three Thin Beast Bones.